Self-adhesive printer paper

Waterproof Inkjet Winyl Self-Adhesive Media

The applications for our waterproof white vinyl are extensive. While the majority of our customers buy this media for creating their own bumper stickers, our customers never cease to amaze with the innovative ways in which they make use of our media. Several small to medium sized businesses use this material for creating production labels for products ranging from health and beauty items to company logos for hard hats. Many customers create their own custom vinyl graphics decals for their model motorcycles, cars, or even rockets. Some customers even create custom vinyl graphics decals for their real motorcycles and cars.Inkjet printed bumper sticker. Special effects and prop producers have used our white waterproof vinyl as a very easy and inexpensive way to create labels for imaginary products, or knockoff labels to mask the true identity of an item used in the production of a motion picture of television show. While our very thin Papilio White Water Slide Decal Paper is what we typically recommend for decorative decals, some customers who produce a large quantity of items, or desire the easy of peel and stick application have created stunning decorative pieces and arts and craft creations using our white waterproof vinyl. Some customers also use this media for the creations of permanent vinyl window decals, similar to bumper stickers exterior window decals allow for one sheet of the white waterproof vinyl to create more decals as window decals are typically smaller than the average bumper sticker.

To make the label scratch resistant use an over laminate. Test it before starting production for resale, using your equipment and method of printing.

UV aerosol laminate.For this media we recommend Epson TM printers that use the DuraBrite ink for best results.

Using an over laminate is highly recommended and will greatly extend the life of the label if it is used outdoors.

We also have in stock waterproof vinyl with removable adhesive.

Using an over laminate will greatly extend the life of the label; especially an over laminate with a built in UV barrier, such as our LLA5000

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Does rite aid have computer paper?

It does not appear that Rite Aid sells computer paper on their website, but most late night/24 hour pharmacy stores carry a small amount of home office supplies, such as pens, and printer paper.

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