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Printing QuickBooks Barcode Labels with WaspLabeler +2D

I haven’t written much about barcode labeling and QuickBooks so far, but I think that this is going to be an important topic of discussion as we move forward. So, today, let’s talk about printing barcode labels using the WaspLabeler +2D product from .

From a very simplistic point of view there are two aspects to working with barcodes:

  • Printing your data (such as from QuickBooks) in a barcode format (in a report, or on labels).
  • Scanning the barcode data to enter it in a program or database.

UPC-AToday I’m going to focus on the printing barcodes from your QuickBooks data.

In relation to QuickBooks, we want to print data that we have in our QuickBooks database. Scanning, however, might not be restricted to just QuickBooks. For example, you might be printing barcodes to put on shipping labels needed by your customer, or product labels on the boxes that you ship.

QuickBooks Shipping LabelA Very Quick Overview of Barcodes.

So you want to use barcodes in your business? Or clients come to you and say that they need to use barcodes in their business? Let’s take a quick look at barcode printing technology to give you a starting point. This article isn’t a tutorial on barcodes – that would take many, many articles to cover.

How Will You Use The Barcodes?

Label layoutThat should always be the first question. How will you be using barcodes?

You may have a requirement to print barcodes in a particular format for your customer, such as on a shipping label or labels for the items themselves. Many larger companies have specific requirements as to the content, arrangement and type of barcode that you use.

You may want to print barcodes for tracking items as they move through your warehouse or manufacturing facility.

Perhaps you have a Point of Sale system that would work more efficiently if you can scan barcodes when you sell items.

Wasp Labeler Data Sources QuickBooks tables QuickBooks item data Connecting the data source to the barcode
Wasp WPL305 Monochrome Direct Thermal Label Printer with Reflective Media Sensor, 5 in/s Print Speed, 203 dpi Print Resolution, 4.25" Print Width, 110/220V AC
BISS (Wasp)
  • Desktop printer can be used to print labels or other media up to 4.25 wide
  • Direct thermal printers use heat instead of ink and are typically smaller, quieter, faster, and more energy-efficient than dot-matrix printers
  • Maximum print speed of 5 per second at 203 dpi for print clarity
  • Serial, parallel, and USB ports provide connectivity
  • Weighs 7 lb.; measures 7.4 x 8.39 x 12.36 inches (H x W x D)
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WASP TECHNOLOGIES Wasp 4 x 1 Inch Thermal Transfer Barcode Labels for WPL305 4 Rolls (633808402556)
  • Media Type: Barcode Label
  • Media Size: 4 Width x 1 Length
  • Packaged Quantity: 4 Roll
Wasp Barcode WPL25 Barcode Label Printer
Wasp Barcode WPL25 Barcode Label Printer
New - Wasp WPL305 Thermal Label Printer - 633808402013
New - Wasp WPL305 Thermal Label Printer - 633808402013
Wasp Barcode Technologies Wasp Barcode Technologies WPL304 Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Printer - Monochrome - Desktop - Label Print 633808404055
CE (Wasp Barcode Technologies)
  • Form Factor: Desktop
  • Platform Support: PC
  • Roll Diameter: 5
#N/A! 2.0 X 0.75 Poly Asset Labl for Wasp WPL305 & 606 Label Printer
Office Product (#N/A!)
  • Media Type: Thermal Label
  • Media Size: 2 Width x 0.75 Length
WASP TECHNOLOGIES Wasp WPR General Purpose Wax/Resin Barcode Label Ribbon for WPL305/606 Printers, 820' Length x 4.33" Width
  • WPR ribbon combines a multi label stock compatibility with a good level of performances
  • This high versatility allows it to fulfill the requirements of many applications
  • The ink provides an excellent printing quality of all types of barcodes, very small text, large characters, and logos
  • The ribbon structure allows printing on various kinds of label stock, such as uncoated papers, coated papers, and synthetics
  • The printed image offers a good level of smudge resistance


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If it's compatible, then it'll work..

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