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Simplify the Process of Printing

Our CLP-775ND printer is designed with ease in mind. Its large, backlit LCD and intuitive compass control system make it easy to access the full range of printer features. The display also provides access to printer status, alerts, and errors. Without complicated abbreviations or error codes, it explains the status in language that is concise and easy to understand, and provides easy instructions for dealing with most potential issues.

Meet Heavy Demands Easily with Heavier Media Handling

From everyday documents to important presentations, it’s important for the printer to handle a wide variety of media for a wide range of needs. With the Main and Optional Trays supporting up to 43-lb. bond, and the Multi-purpose Bypass Tray supporting up to 59-lb. cardstock, you can unleash the full potential of your workforce. From specialty paper and thick stock to envelopes and cards…your printing will be trouble-free, cost-effective and a pure breeze.

Get More from Every Page with Duplex Printing

Duplex printing is an essential feature that makes your business’s print workflow more economical and efficient. The CLP-775ND’s flexible range of options allows you to print in traditional duplex as well as more creative ways such as a double-sided booklet format. This saves you paper, money, and storage space when filing documents while reducing your business’ impact on the environment. Duplex options are easy to select from the driver, and as an administrator, you can force users to duplex by default in order to save your business money.

Speedy Printing from The Very First Page

The CLP-775ND will improve efficiency in the daily operations of your business by bringing you a fast, superior printing solution. Our industry-leading* first-page-out time ensures that the first printed copy is in your hands just 10 seconds you click print. The CLP-775ND not only prints at a fast rate of 35 pages per minute, but also provides consistently high-resolution results, offering a professional-grade service in your office. This amounts to considerable time and cost savings without ever compromising on quality. *Based on head-to-head internal testing with similar products.

Fed Up with Paper Feeding?

Our large-capacity printer can manage multiple printing jobs without interruption. The CLP-775ND comes with a standard 500-page cassette with the option to add up to two more 500-page cassettes for a maximum input capacity of 1, 600 sheets. This allows your business to print in bulk or, use the secondary cassettes to load a variety of media, for custom print jobs. You can even insert covers into your reports for distribution to clients or stakeholders, saving you the time and money of going to a print-shop with such complex and costly jobs.

Take Control of Office Documents with Secure Printing

Prevent important documents from falling in the wrong hands, and save on wasted prints with the embedded secure print option. With Secure Printing you can now keep your documents safe from prying eyes using a user assignable pin code, which prevents your documents from being printed until it has been entered at the machine. This is a simple and effective way of keeping tight control over the circulation of important documents, and can also reduce paper and toner usage by ensuring that your users don’t “print and forget”. And best of all, this feature comes standard with no additional or costly options required for purchase (Optional 512 MB memory and 80 GB hard disk drive are recommended increase secure print job capacity, but are not required for use.)

SyncThru™ Web Service

Our innovative SyncThru™ Web Service saves you the time and hassle of having to install and manage extra software. It allows you to change printer settings, upgrade firmware and check your printer's status quickly and easily.

CounThru™ 3 Pro/Enterprise

Save your organization time with our superior CounThru™ 3 Pro/Enterprise interface. This feature means there is no need for business users to leave their desk. The printer delivers status reports, low toner warnings, error notifications, and even usage and customer billing summaries to your desktop.

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Home office: color laser printer of color inkjet? | Yahoo Answers

Everybody has opinions on this, but here is the real issue: A laser printer (b/w or color) fuses the ink onto the paper making a very robust print (non-smudging). An inkjet printer sprays the ink onto the paper and need it to air dry. Even when dry, an inkjet print will usually have the ink run if it gets wet (a single raindrop or tear can render the print usless).
The other thing to consider is how many b/w prints are made per week. Lasers are faster and more quiet. For larger volumes, lasers are almost always more economical.
Try to talk to an owner of the type of printer you want t…

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