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Huge wasteful pre-print inventoryMore often than not, we are approached by companies ranging from pharmaceuticals to retailers facing the same challenges: diverse product portfolios that require smaller production runs, shorter turnaround times and real-time inventory management. In these situations, manufacturers typically have large inventories of pre-printed labels for a high number of product SKUs. In the face of last minute product updates or rebrands, the use of pre-printed labels can be inflexible and inefficient. What can serve as a potential boost to supply chain operations and marketing–color labels–leads to expensive inventory management, wasted time, shipping errors and product loss.

Our on demand color labeling technologies offer one solution for manufacturers. By having the ability to print labels as they are needed, manufacturers only require blank label stock. Because of this, the switch from one production run to another is seamless. For manufacturers, color labeling can also highlight critical information which may improve workplace and consumer safety.C7500 at Pack 2015 For example, the high-quality graphics on color labels can help retailers categorize inventory, identify product information, improve picking accuracy and enhance brand image.

Whereas pharmaceutical manufacturers can use color selectively to make medications more easily identifiable, prevent incorrect patient administration and dosage errors, and consolidate the application of auxiliary labels. In those instances, color labels provide end-to-end visibility, flexibility and the ability to group increasingly complex product inventories by product type or delivery source.

Color labeling technologies should not be viewed as a solution, but rather as a standard for supply chains across the board. From a production standpoint, manufacturers need to remember that new regulatory changes will continue to be implemented, first impacting the pharmaceutical industry and then slowly reaching all other industries, meaning that the need for real time, operational flexibility will be essential.

Eliminate pre-print & produce label in one step C3500 at Pack 2015 iStock_000015746587Medium UPS_NextDayAir1_Winery
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