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Arc flash label printing services

LabelTac arc flash printer kitIf you lack the time or expensive equipment to print the required labels internally, let us do it for you. ARCAD's arc flash label printing services make NFPA 70, OSHA and CSA Z462 compliance simpler.

Specify PPE requirements and clearly mark safety boundaries with ARCAD labels:

  • NFPA 70, OSHA and CSA Z462 compliant
  • 4-1/2in. x 3-1/2in., 6 x 4in. or custom sizes
  • Self-adhesive, color or black & white, vinyl labels durable to withstand extreme conditions

5-Year ARCAD Laminated Vinyl Warranty

ARCAD INC. supplies are tested for durability under various conditions, including UV exposure, moisture, heating and cooling exposures. ARCAD INC. warranties labels made from its laminated vinyl supplies for a period of five (5) years. Non-laminated labels come with three (3) years warranty. It is important to note that in normal circumstances (limited exposure to Sun shine, moderate temperature fluctuations etc.) ARCAD's labels will last for decades.

Within the warranty period and after proper application, ARCAD INC. will replace labels which become unreadable or fail to maintain adhesion with the labeled surface. In such instance, ARCAD INC. will provide a one-time replacement labels to you.

Quality You Can See and Feel

As you shop around for the best arc flash labels, make sure you request samples. When you compare our arc flash labels to the major competitors in the market, you will see and feel the difference. While some companies offer you paper-thin easily torn arc flash labels, we offer you 4mil thick vinyl labels with superior print and durability.

How to Order Labels

It's simple - just send us JPG, PDF, GIF or BMP files of your arc flash and shock hazard warning labels that were created using any competitors', or ARCAD's software program and mobile apps for arc flash hazard assessment and we will take care of the rest.

Have you previously performed arc flash hazard analysis and stored the results in tabulated text or XLS spreadsheet formats? We can use your report file to generate customized arc flash labels in a variety of electronic formats and sizes.

Following the receipt of your order and of the graphic files in an email attachment or mailed in on a CD carrier, we will proceed with the job and ship the labels as soon as possible. Our usual and customary turn-around time is two business days. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for delivery. We can also ship by express carrier of your choice at extra cost.

Cost Table for Standard Size ( up to 6 x 4in. ) Self-Adhesive Labels *.

Qty., pcs. UV/Water Resistant Vinyl Label, US$/ea UV/Water Resistant Laminated Vinyl Label, US$/ea
15 or less 5.00 6.00
16 to 50 4.50 5.50
51 to 100 3.90 4.90
101 to 300 3.20
301 to 500 2.90 3.50
501 to 1000 2.50
1001 to 2000 2.10 2.60
Avery Avery Personal Label Printer - label printer - B/W - direct thermal ( 9100 )
Office Product (Avery)
  • Print Speed - 16 die-cut labels per minute
  • Special Features/Suggested Use - 203 dpi with dithering produces excellent image quality
  • Tapes/Labels/Ribbons Used - 100, 1 x 2-5/8 mailing labels included
  • Stand Alone Use / PC - Compatible with Windows 98, XP, and 2 OS
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Avery label printer 9100 won't print.

I have the same printer and usually when this happens I am able to flip the lever on the side to put it into auto peel mode and push the feed button on the front and that usually works and makes the light go green. It was explained to me that if the label stock is old it will have a hard time recognizing it. Sometimes I have to pull out the labels and re-insert the labels to get them to work properly. I hope this helps.

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