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Label Printer Solutions with Brother P-touch Editor (Label Design Software)

This powerful label design software allows users to create a wide variety of professional looking custom labels. The software makes it easy to use and design customized labels. P-touch Editor is provided with all Brother label printers. The benefits of using this software include:

  • Convenient built-in templates to design labels in a variety of built-in predefined sizes or to determine your own label size.
  • Easy to incorporate graphics, logos, fonts, barcodes and other files found on the users PC.
  • Flexible printing quantity - print one, a few or hundreds on demand easily.

Standalone Solution using a Brother Professional Label Printer with a Barcode Reader

You can print labels using a barcode scanner and a label printer. This solution allows you to:

  • Print without the need for a computer
  • Copy barcodes whilst replacing the text

Label Printer Solutions with Brother Software Development Kits (b-PAC SDK)

The Brother Software Development Kit (b-PAC SDK) is a software tool for Microsoft® Windows® that allows customized labels to be printed from within your own applications. b-PAC is available for brother professional label printer.
Although knowledge of popular programming languages (such as Microsoft® Visual Basic® or Visual C++®) is essential in order to use this software, only a few simple lines of code are necessary to control b-PAC and print your labels.

Distributed Printing Solution using Brother Professional Label Printer

If you are printing a large number of labels, you can distribute the print job between multiple printers.
The number of labels will be split between the chosen printers, therefore reducing the total print time.

Print labels easily with P-touch Template tool of Brother Professional Label Printer

P-touch Template is a tool to transfer ASCII text & binary data from a host device to template stored in the machine. This transferred data can be inserted into a text object or barcode object in a transferred template.
Transferred template data is created by P-touch Editor. This means there is no need to program label template layouts.
Therefore P-touch templates can save you time of programming compared with ESC/P.
You can easily change the template layout with P-touch Editor. (No need to change the command).
In addition it is possible to add various functions (copy, numbering and database-linked printing).

Brother PocketJet - JPEG printing - Print anywhere, anytime

It's easy to print anywhere using the Brother PocketJet and your mobile device. There's no need to develop a customized application.
(Bluetooth BIP or OPP profile supported mobile devices and PJ-662/663 only.)

Mobile Internet Fax - "Scan to E-mail" & PJ-663

Mobile Printer solution

  1. Scan the document at office.
  2. Sent the scanned data to the sales staff mobile phone by e-mail.
  3. Print the document by PJ printer from mobile phone.
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How much does a Brother QL500 label printer cost?

It is listed at $69.99. There is a notation in the advertisement that indicates the street price may be different. It does not indicate if that will be higher or lower.

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