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How to Print a Label for a CD or DVD

Do you burn CDs or DVDs and put them aside for later labeling? I'm sure we can all answer this question with a clear Yes. The usual reason for not printing a label right away is because we think it is a time-consuming, expensive task. That is not necessarily true. Here, we'll use MicroVision Development's SureThing CD/DVD Labeler ($24.95) to make professional-looking CD and DVD labels without making a big investment in specialized equipment.

What You Need

  • SureThing CD/DVD Labeler
  • An inkjet printer
  • CD/DVD labels designed to be used with an inkjet printer.

Step by Step: Designing Your Label Using the SureThing CD Labeler

1. Click the SureThing icon to open the application and select New Design to open the New Design Wizard.

2. In the New Design Wizard, select CD/DVD Labels from the Product Types list. From the Labels Product list, choose the label type you are using. A preview of the label is displayed as you select it. Click Next.

3. In the Smart Designs screen, choose the type of label you wish to print. Select CD Face from the drop-down list. Click Browse Backgrounds to select from a variety of backgrounds. Click Next.

4. To add text to the label, select Go straight to the Label Designer; click Finish to return to the Design screen.

5. Use the Text box to create the main content of the CD/DVD label. Select Create Text Frame to enter your text. Click Text Effect to choose a shape, font, and color for your text that will complement the background. When finished with your design, click Finish.

6. Place your label in the printer's paper feed, following the instructions on the label. You may want to print on a blank sheet first to make certain that the layout and colors are correct.

Step by Step: Printing Your Label

1. When you are ready to print your creation, from the File menu select Print to open the SureThing

Print dialog box.

2. The software defaults to printing one label. The Sample window shows the label to be printed in cyan.

Use the up/down arrows to select the number of labels to print.

3. Selecting Printer displays the default printer for your labels. If you wish to use another printer, click the down arrow and select one from the list.

4. Paper Source displays the current paper feed. Click the down arrow to select another source.

5. The Option button opens the Printer Properties dialog box.

6. Select the appropriate Media Type-for example, Matte, or Glossy-from the drop-down list.

Under Print Quality, select the High radio button for best quality.

7. After you apply all appropriate settings, click OK to return to the Print dialog box.

Click OK again to close the Print dialog box and start printing your label.

Step by Step: Attaching the Label

1. Remove the label from the sheet by turning the label sheet upside down and slowly peeling the sheet

Avery Avery CD/DVD Label Applicator ( 5699 )
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