Mobile Label Printers

PB50 Rugged Mobile Label Printer

  • The industry’s fastest 4 inch rugged mobile label printer
  • Built rugged to survive real-world industrial and retail environments
  • Two to three times faster time-to-first-label than competitive products
  • Low cost of development, deployment and support
  • Seamless integration with Intermec mobile computers and other mobile devices
  • Secure wired and wireless communications options: Bluetooth®, 802.11 b/g, USB, Serial
  • Label sensors minimize printing errors and reduce waste
  • SmartSystems® remote device management reduces support needs
  • Optimized for Intermec media, including linerless label media options

Product Overview

The Intermec rugged mobile label printer family delivers the fastest choice for customers with demanding applications in warehousing, distribution, in-store retail and enterprise asset management. Coupled with Intermec rugged mobile computers and software, the PB50 mobile label printer helps companies improve productivity and efficiency while lowering the total cost of ownership.

With ultra-fast print speed and proven two to three times faster time-to-first-label* than competitive products, these printers deliver measurable improvements in worker productivity and accuracy. Unique design elements, such as the label gap and label take sensors, help maintain productivity while reducing waste.

The PB label printer family is built on a common electrical and mechanical foundation, and integrates closely with Intermec mobile computers and software, including Intermec Terminal Emulation (ITE) and Intermec SmartSystems®. This integrated approach provides significant efficiencies in development, deployment and support, and optimizes speed and performance. Intermec SmartSystems provides remote monitoring and diagnostics to networked devices so problems can be resolved quickly. Shared accessories across the family add flexibility and reduce spares inventory and costs. Intermec media options, designed specifically for the PB printers, ensure consistently high print quality across a range of applications.

Leveraging the Intermec platform gives companies a solution that can adapt and grow with their needs. As “smart” printers, the rugged PB printers can host stand-alone applications developed through Intermec Fingerprint programming to address custom requirements today or in the future, without the need to upgrade hardware.

The printers’ comprehensive options and easy adaptability meet a range of application needs. Drop-in media loading, adjustable media holders, and the flexibility to print either receipts or labels enables workers to easily change tasks without changing equipment. A choice of secure wired and wireless interfaces (802.11 b/g, BT, Serial, USB) allows you to select the one that fits your environment. Multiple carrying options are available, including belt clip, shoulder strap and vehicle mount.

The rugged design of the PB50 printer means performance you can depend on, day after day. Built to thrive in the same environment as Intermec computers, the printers have a 5 foot multiple drop spec, IP54 seal rating, and forklift-strength shock and vibration specs, minimizing repairs and downtime. When issues do arise, Intermec Medallion Complete service contracts deliver peace-of-mind and insurance against unbudgeted repair costs.

Brady Brady M21-500-595-WT, B-595 Vinyl Printer Label for BMP 21 Mobile, ID PAL and LABPAL Printers, Black On White, 0.5" Width x 21' Length
BISS (Brady)
  • Label cartridge contains 21 continuous feet of 0.75 -wide tape for use on smooth or textured surfaces in freezer environments
  • Tape is made of vinyl film and one side is coated with permanent adhesive
  • Labels print in black text on the orange tape
  • Works with Brady BMP21 Series, ID PAL, and LABPAL label printers (sold separately)
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Barcode @ Printers #PB22 Rugged Mobile Label Printer
Barcode @ Printers #PB22 Rugged Mobile Label Printer
Brady Brady M21-500-499-TB 16' Length, 0.5" Width, B-499 Nylon Cloth, Black On White Color, BMP 21 Mobile Printer, ID PAL And LABPAL Printer Label
BISS (Brady)
  • Communications cables, general identification, panel identification, patch panel, patch panels, plate, terminal blocks, vial, voice/data identification, wire and...
  • Halogen-free (DIN VDE 0472/parts 815), UL recognized approved
  • Environment are autoclave, freezer, liquid nitrogen with BMP21, ID PAL, LABPAL printer compatibility
  • Highly textured, low surface energy, powder coated, smooth, textured/rough surfaces
  • Special properties is high adhesion, low profile
Printers #PB22 Rugged Mobile Label Printer
Printers #PB22 Rugged Mobile Label Printer
Polaroid GL10 Grey Label Instant Mobile Printer with ZIN
Polaroid GL10 Grey Label Instant Mobile Printer with ZIN...
Brady M21-125-C-342 7' Length, 0.125" Width, B-342 Permasleeve Heat-Shrink Polyolefin, Black On White Color PermaSleeve Markers For BMP21 Mobile Printer
BISS (Brady)
  • Permasleeve labels provide a wire marking solution that combines speed, ease of use, and permanence to create long-lasting, high quality identification
  • The BMP 21 printers, permasleeve markers are an indispensable asset for electrical contractors, maintenance crews, construction teams, and industrial professionals
  • Special features are heat-shrinkable, self-extinguishing
  • Application are panel identification, wire and cable marking used
  • B-342 is available in white, yellow, black, red, orange, green, blue, violet, pink, gray, and brown
Brady Brady M21-1250-427 14' Length, 1.25" Width, B-427 Self-Laminating Vinyl, Black On White/Translucent Color BMP 21 Mobile Printer Label
BISS (Brady)
  • Special properties are abrasion resistant, excellent abrasion and smudge resistance, excellent water and oil resistance, good moisture resistance, self-extinguishing...
  • Agency approvals compliance is UL recognized
  • Used for communications cables, panel identification, voice-data identification, wire and cable marking
  • B-427 Self-laminating vinyl is an excellent material for wire and cable identification
  • This material has good clarity, conformability
Zebra Zebra R4D-0UBA010N-00 RW 420 Direct Thermal Mobile Receipt and Label Printer, 203 DPI, With Bluetooth 2.0 and Magnetic-stripe/Smart-card reader
BISS (Zebra)
  • Direct thermal mobile printer with Bluetooth 2.0 connection and a magnetic-stripe or smart-card reader prints monochrome receipts and labels up to 4 wide at 3...
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate housing with fused oil-and-abrasion-resistant rubber overmold offers 6 drop protection
  • 16 MB RAM memory and 8 MB flash memory
  • Accommodates receipt, tag, gap, continuous receipt, continuous, and linerless media, and has sensors for bar and gap media
  • Smart battery management monitors battery for life and performance
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