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How to Print & Design Your Own Labels Like a Pro

How to Print & Design Your Own Labels Like a Pro

Doing business often requires mailing items to clients or customers. Whether you're invoicing a client, mailing a brochure or shipping a product, you'll want to make sure it gets to the right destination and receives attention as soon as it arrives. Custom printed labels can have precisely those effects. While you could purchase generic labels, it's better to use your mailings as an opportunity to distinguish your company. By designing and printing your own labels, you will make an impact on whoever sees them, gathering attention for your mailed item while leaving a memorable impression.

Design & Print

With label templates, you can easily design custom printed labels using specialized label design software. Combine that with matching label-printing paper, like the kind made by popular label manufacturer Avery, and you have custom printed labels that can be quickly printed in batches for use whenever needed.

Making custom printed labels today is easy compared to older methods of designing your own. Thanks to the standardization of label sizes, labels can be easily matched with templates to increase design speed and reduce sizing misprints.

There's no need to customize your sprogram to match the label size any more. The specialized software matches available templates to sizes for you, or allows you to create custom printer labels without a template with the label size as a base. All that's required to print your own labels is to install the design software to your computer and follow the tutorial to design your label. Choose your template by the size of the label you need to print. You can import pictures to use on your labels or type whatever text you wish in your desired font. Be careful not to overdesign your label, causing clutter that can lead to misreading the destination address. After designing and saving your label, just load the label paper into the printer, and then print as many labels as you need.

The Cost of Custom Labels

Custom printed labels can be printed at prices that most businesses find easily affordable. The labels themselves typically cost between $20 and $40 for packs of 1, 500.

There are several types of the labels made to fit a variety of printers, from pin-fed printers to laser or inkjet models. The software used to design labels varies in cost as well. Some basic packages can cost about $20, while other more advanced packages can cost up to $60 or more. You will also need to add in the cost of ink used to print the labels, which can vary according to the design that you make and whether you use any colors for the label. Templates can accrue an additional cost if you choose to purchase pre-designed templates to modify for your labels. There are thousands of free templates available online, though.

The Value of Customization

Creating custom printed labels gives you an additional marketing tool to use with your business communications. With specialized software, labels can be designed quickly and easily. The labels aren't much more expensive than plain address labels either, with total costs dependent on design elements.

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Smart Label printer will not what do i do ?

I eventually managed to print my labels one sheet at a time by forcing the label top edge down the page. You can insert one or two lines above the label template and adjust the font size to get the right distance. It took a bit of trial & error but got there in the end. Hope it helps you

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