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A post about weddings in November?? Yes! Even though November is not the top wedding month, it is a perfect time to PLAN for those summer weddings! I recently had the honor of helping out a dear friend of our family with a few things at her wedding. One of the things I did was create a DIY photo booth for the guests to be silly, have fun, get their photos taken, and leave a note for the bride and groom. Here's how I did it...

The Details

I knew that this photo booth would center around taking the photos on smart phones and printing them using my hAppy printers. The printers do such a great job and are acid free and lignen free. The prints are stickers instantly when they are printed, which I knew would make things super easy! I wanted photo cards to put the hAppy prints on, so each guest could have one to take home. I designed photo cards in Photoshop and had them printed on regular card stock at PersnicketyPrints.com. These were very affordable at Persnickety and the quality is fabulous! I bought the Project Life Heritage Edition, because it matched the couples wedding colors. As guests waited to have their photos printed out, I had them take a Project Life card and write the couple a note: Then, we printed one extra copy of each photo to put on a card in the Project Life binder, next to the note from the guest: I was traveling from out of state for this wedding, so I needed a back drop that was portable, which limited my options quite a bit. I created a back drop in Photoshop using some fonts, dings, and the fill bucket at 300 dpi, in the dimensions I was going to have the canvas printed. I ordered it as a vinyl back drop from a company online and unfortunately, the experience of placing the order, and then getting a size smaller than what I ordered makes it so I can't recommend that company. :( The print turned out great, but I had designed it so the word art was 1 foot below the top, where the seem would be. As you can see, it didn't turn out that way. It was difficult to get the word art in the photo and not wall or ceiling too. I had grand ideas of using my Silhouette to print and cut cute photo booth props, but my Mac and my Silhouette were not playing nicely that weekend. So, the day of the wedding, my husband and I stopped at Wal-Mart, and a regional party store, and grabbed a bunch of props. Thankfully, having a wedding close to Halloween helped: Here's a wide view of the photo booth area, the props were behind me: My oldest two kids helped out quite a bit and I was so thankful to have them there (I'm not sure I could have done it on my own): The guests really, really enjoyed the photo booth. Many of them commented on how happy they were to be able to hide behind props and that made it more fun. I was asked several times if I had a business doing this and I always thought to myself, "No, I already have enough of those...lol." But, I usually told other people that I am only doing this for my friend because I love her. If I were to do it again:
  • I would take a photo with the guests cell phone as well as mine, so they would have a digital copy as well.
  • I would tell my kids ahead of time to not delete the photos of their devices. My plan was to add all of the photo to DropBox so the couple would have digital copies, but my kids deleted all of the photos before we even left the venue. :(
  • Having another person or two to help make sure the right photos were put next to the right notes, would have been really great.
  • Using the multiple hAppy printers worked out really well and, as always, people were excited about the ability to print from a cell phone.
We had so much fun, and even though it was exhausting, it was well worth all of the effort! comments powered by
HP HP 56 Black & HP 57 Tri-color Original Ink Cartridges, 2 pack
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  • Color(s) - Black, Tri-Color
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  • Device Types - Inkjet Printer
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HP CL) 57 TRI-CLR CART F/77&7960,PS1&24
  • Device_Types - Inkjet Printer
  • Colors - Tri-Color
  • Page-yield - 500
  • Supply_Type - Ink
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