Fabric Sheets for Inkjet Printers

No steam Silk, Cotton and Organza fabric sheets/rolls for Ink Jet

No steaming required!

Now, any photo or design can be printed directly onto silk fabric using a computer and Ink Jet Printer, or Ink Jet Copier. Results vary from printer to printer and ink to ink, and with different print settings, so plan on doing some tests!

Specially treated silk and cotton fabrics with a paper backing run smoothly through almost all brands of ink jet printers - home office models as well as commercial wide-format models. Also, if your printer prints banners, as many do, you can make scarves and pennants by using the rolls of printable fabric. The fabrics are treated so the results are water resistant, although not washable. The fabrics remain soft with no "feel" to the printing. Available in 10mm Habotai Silk and Cotton Poplin Percale, in 8.5"x11" sheets or 8.5"x10' rolls, as well as the the new 5.5mm Organza sheets.

It's as easy as this:

1. Create your design onscreen.
2. Put the fabric in the printer and print.
3. Allow to dry completely.
4. Peel off the paper backing.

Not washable. Not dry cleanable.

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You can combine cotton and rayon clothing & accessories to get the greatest discounts. Your discount is figured on the total number of cotton and rayon items we ship, not how many of each type, style or size. Mix and match them to get the best discount.

Example; adding 1 each of 12 different T-shirts in size Large should give you the 12+ price on all 12 shirts.

Example; adding 12 pieces of 4 different sizes of a garment should give you the 36+ price on all 4 sizes.

Some products may be excluded from discounts, and / or may discount only with themselves. If you have any questions at all please contact us toll free at 800-542-5227 (no buttons, just humans).

June Tailor Inc 10-pack Colorfast White Printer Fabric
Art and Craft Supply (June Tailor Inc)
  • Ten 8 1/2 by 11 project sheets.
  • Washable, laundering instructions on back of packaging.
  • Sew newly created fabric sheet right into your project.
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June Tailor June Tailor Colorfast Sew-In Ink Jet Fabric Sheets, 8.5 by 11-Inch, White, 3-Pack
Art and Craft Supply (June Tailor)
  • Sew personalized keepsakes with these printable colorfast fabric sheets
  • This package contains three 11x8-1/2in sheets
  • Made in America
PVC Inkjet Sheet Printer for ID card production
PVC Inkjet Sheet Printer for ID card production
Inkjet fabric sheets to print through your inkjet printer
Inkjet fabric sheets to print through your inkjet printer
Dritz Printed Treasures Inkjet Printable Fabric, Sew-In, 5 sheets
Art and Craft Supply (Dritz)
  • Personalize any quilt or sewing project
  • Package includes 5 sheets
  • Apply to quilts, pillows and more
  • Colorfast and washable
JACQUARD PRODUCTS Jacquard Ink Jet Fabric 8.5'' x 11'' Cotton Sheets (10 Pack)
  • Add personalized artwork to your fabric projects, with Jacquard s Ink Jet Fabric 8.5x 11Cotton Sheets (10 pack)
  • Print photos and art from your computer using these cotton sheets in your inkjet printer or copier
  • After printing, just peel off the paper backing, and attach to your project by sewing or using fusible bonding material
  • 10 sheets, each 8.5x 11 ; Made in the USA from 100% cotton; Suitable for age 8 and up
  • For over 30 years, Jacquard has been the leading manufacturer of artist quality textile, mixed media and craft products
June Tailor June Tailor JT902 Sew-In Computer Printer Fabric Sheet, 8.5 by 11-Inch, Cream, 4-Pack
Art and Craft Supply (June Tailor)
  • Enables you to print an y computer image on fabric
  • Imagine the creative possibilities for quilts memory books and more
  • This fabric is ideal for photographs text and graphics however it is not colorfast and should be dry cleaned only
  • Print personalized images from your computer onto the fabric sheet using your color inkjet printer
  • Made in USA


Washing Inkjet Fabric Sheets? | Yahoo Answers

I make my own. You just cut pieces of white Egyptian cotton or muslin, and pre-treat it with Bubble Jet Set. Then I iron it to freezer paper, tape that (just across the top) to card stock, and print my pictures on it. Then I treat it again with Bubble Jet Rinse.
But you still wouldn't want to wash it in a regular cycle. By hand only, and only with quilt soap or hand-laundry soap like Woolite.
I get my chemicals from Dharma Trading.


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