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$265 Flash Sale — Feature-packed Electron 3D Prusa i3 3D Printer Kits

e3d1When it comes to open source desktop 3D printing, one of the most popular models out there is the Prusa i3, which first dates back to May of 2012. The model is known for it’s ease of assembly along with its fairly large build envelope, while its price to assemble is also fairly low. This RepRap 3D printer is constructed using the open source files available for free online and the aesthetics are rather pleasing, while it’s capable of outputting quality FFF 3D prints.

The great thing about the open source RepRap movement is that companies are able to take the design files, iterate upon them and make them their own, all the while driving prices down and making such machines available to a greater number of individuals and businesses.

One company, based out of China, called TL Maker INC, has been manufacturing and reselling 3D printers based on the Prusa i3 for some time now. Recently though, via their subsidiary, Electron 3D, they’ve announced yet another model, their sixth generation Prusa i3, and have teamed with 3dprintersonlinestore.com to offer it in kit form for an incredibly affordable price of just $265 for a limited time. Not only does this kit come with everything you will need to build an awesome desktop 3D printer, but those taking advantage of this limited time offer will also receive 2kg of filament, along with an 8GB SD card and a filament spool holder.

e3d2This latest model features an automatic bed leveling system, along with an acrylic frame, MK8 extruder and GT2 timing belts and pulleys. To make this model even more feature-rich, a 5mm aluminum heated built platform is also included within this kit. Below you will find some of the general specifications for this new Electron machine:

  • Printer Weight: 8kg
  • Build Envelope (X Y Z): 225 x 225 x 210mm
  • XY Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.012mm.
  • Z Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.004 mm.
  • Print Precision: 0.1-0.4mm.
  • Layer Resolution: 100 Microns.
  • Printer Speed: 100mm/s.
  • Material Size and Compatibility: PLA, ABS, HIPS, Wood, PVA, NYLON, Flexible PLA at 1.75mm

The Electron 3D Prusa i3 will ship with an 18 month warranty, and shipping is free to over 35 countries including North America, most of Europe, and Australia. This deal will end abruptly at 11:59PM EST tomorrow evening, at which point the price will go up to $400.

This is certainly a feature-rich machine at a price that’s affordable to most businesses and individuals. With the added accessories, it’s pretty hard to go wrong, however it’s no easy task putting such a machine together from kit form if you do not have the experience.

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