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Today's printers offer scalable functionality for a great fit with any home or office. Select a printer capable of handling hundreds of pages a day for black-and-white invoice creation, or opt for a color inkjet to print photos or marketing materials. Use an all-in-one printer to manage all your document tasks, or opt for a specialty printer to create cards, IDs, or receipts. You will find a large selection of printers from the best brands at Staples, including HP, Brother, Dell, Xerox, Epson and more!

Whole-Office Connectivity
Many printers from brands such as Epson, Brother, Lexmark, and HP feature Wi-Fi connectivity, which means you can print from any location within the wireless radius. Set multiple workstations to print to a common location without unattractive wire or safety issues. Wireless printing networks also make it easy to grant print access to business vendors and guests and reduce the work required to install new workstations or upgrade computer equipment.

Hard Copy or Virtual Documentation
Print hard copy versions of records, web pages, or reports for safe keeping or filing. Opt for printers that offer draft modes to print documents for temporary references without breaking the bank on toner costs. All-in-one printers reverse documentation benefits, letting you scan images and hard-copy pages to PDF or JPG files. Create backup copies of essential records, scan documents for emailing, or increase office efficiency by building an electronic filing system.

In-House Control of Marketing Materials
Quality color printers from brands such as HP, Canon, Epson, and Lexmark bring creative flexibility to your office. Maintain in-house control of marketing materials by designing and printing brochures, magnets, business cards, and other items yourself. Shop color or high-yield print cartridges to find ink options that work with your printer while meeting your budget.

SAM4S Restaurant SPS-530 FT 7" Touch Screen Cash Register with Kitchen Printer
  • SPS-530FT Hybrid ECR for Retail and Food Service Establishments with Kitchen Printer
  • Includes Epson TM-U220D Thermal Printer
  • Up to 60, PLU s, Clerks and 99 PLU Groups with extended memory
  • Electronic journal captures transaction information


When is the penny sale at Staples.

Sorry! The Penny Sale has already passed! It was from 7/12 - 7/15 this year. on!

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