Wireless printer for Android tablet

7 Best Apps for Mobile Wi-Fi Printing for iOS and Android Devices

The plight for mobile consolidation is becoming realized exponentially as new products hit the market, but sometimes it is nice to take a step back and address some of the more antiquated forms of technology before stepping forward into the world of the Cloud and all the benefits of a completely streamed technological landscape.

One function that seems to be dwarfed by the advent of DropBox and Google Drive, is printing. We all use it, but we do not depend on it as much as we would 10 or even five years ago. This neglect is due in part to our reliance on mobile devices — there really isn't a need to print something out when it can be shared instantaneously, which makes a paperless paper trail not only very possible, but extremely attractive. Thankfully, app developers have merged the worlds of printing, online storage and mobile accessibility into one neat package: mobile printing apps.

With mobile printing apps, users can take advantage of networkable wireless printers and print practically any form of content via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Many of these apps link directly to the Cloud, online hosting sites, and even social networking sites, to allow quick and convenient mobile printing regardless of your location. Mobile printing depends on finding accessible printers within range, and just clicking. These apps offer complete control over printer settings and statuses, they even feature print view displays that are equivalent to those featured on desktop computers.

When looking for a mobile printing app, it is important that the app not only functions to your needs, but is compatible with the technology that you are using. A lot of these apps are printer specific. Epson, Hewlett Packard, Samsung. Lexmark and Brother all have brand-specific apps that work with your printer of the same brand. However, apps like PrinterShare, allow you to connect to any printer within range. These apps communicate purely over network connection, there is no need for drivers or external hardware as with PC's. Also, some apps even offer scan options, which depend on the quality of your on-board camera, letting users literally print any content they can get their hands on. These printing apps have taken the functionality of printers and placed the control in your hands.

This collection of apps represents a range of different functions and accessibility options that span the iOS and Android markets. All of these apps might not be for you, but at least one should. Finding the right mobile printing app is up to your discretion, but all of them will get the job done.

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  • Wireless Bluetooth technology,for android IOS based mobile phone or tablets. Compact and lightweight. Easy paper loading Equipped with rechargeable battery.
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